As your storyteller, I strive to let your personality shine. I won't put you into stiff poses or force you to fake a smile. Instead, you'll interact with each other as you normally would...or at least as normal as you can with a third wheel & her camera tagging along, of course.

I want to capture your true self, your most authentic self. Let's capture all those moments that you never want to forget because months or years from now, when you look at your photos, I want to transport you back to that moment in time. I want you to feel those same, cheerful emotions, and feel nothing but pure joy.

I live for authenticity.

About kristina

Human connection
Experience over production

My Approach

As a girly who struggles with her own body image, I truly believe in capturing what makes you feel your best. Listen, if you have a favorite side or something you're not uber confident about? I'm a safe space-- you can share all of those things with me and we'll capture images that celebrate you, your individuality, and your beauty because I promise, you're absolutely stunning! 

Basically...if you want someone who speaks exclusively in Friends or Mean Girls quotes, Dave Matthews Band lyrics, or random viral TikTok sayings, I will be the perfect third wheel for you! 

Chances are, on the way to your wedding or session, I'll sipping on a Coke Zero from McDonald's and blasting some pretty great music from the 00's. Let's not judge, okay?

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest.

I'm a New Jersey transplant who moved to the beautiful coast of Maine in 2012. I first picked up a camera in 2006- ironically, on my first-ever trip to Maine. This is where I fell in love with photography. Just two years later, I photographed my first wedding.

Despite my mother, a teacher, trying to convince me to become a wedding photographer right out of high school, I went on to earn my bachelor's and two master's degree in elementary education. While a classroom teacher, I would occasionally help out close friends and families with holiday or senior sessions as favors. What turned in to doing an occasional session for a friend here and there has evolved into...THIS! And honestly, it couldn't bring me more joy.

There's something about being trusted to capture the most important and intimate moments of someone's life that makes me feel like I'm bringing something of value into the world.

I truly believe this is what I was called to do.

Storyteller. Empath. Dreamer.

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